jueves, enero 08, 2009

Cattell 16 Factor Test

Hoy estuve un buen rato leyendo sobre el test de personalidad 16pf y lo mas parecido que consegui para llenar fue el Cattell 16 Factor Test de similarminds.com, estos son mis resultados:

Factor Score low score high score
Warmth 58% cold, selfish supportive, comforting
Intellect 86% instinctive, unstable cerebral, analytical
Emotional Stability 86% irritable, moody level headed, calm
Aggressiveness 50% modest, docile controlling, tough
Liveliness 66% somber, restrained wild, fun loving
Dutifulness 38% untraditional, rebellious conforming, traditional
Social Assertiveness 54% shy, withdrawn uninhibited, bold
Sensitivity 38% coarse, tough touchy, soft
Paranoia 74% trusting, easy going wary, suspicious
Abstractness 78% practical, regular strange, imaginative
Introversion 38% open, friendly private, quiet
Anxiety 54% confident, self assured fearful, self-doubting
Openmindedness 82% closeminded, set-in-ways curious, exploratory
Independence 66% outgoing, social loner, craves solitude
Perfectionism 54% disorganized, messy orderly, thorough
Tension 34% relaxed, cool stressed, unsatisfied

domingo, enero 04, 2009

TSP promises

Microsoft india antes y despues de TSP:

Project Plan Developed by Project Manager Team develops the project plan - high confidence & commitment to meet the plan
Estimates are usually guesstimates Estimates are based on historical data OR work-life balance
Long office hours Predictable office hours (40-50hrs) Better work-life
Problems and issues are found very late in the project Weekly meetings help the team to find probelms very early in cycle
Usually 3-8 bugs in UAT + Production Much better quality (64% projects with zero defects). Defects are found early in the cicle
Fire fighting to meet the deadlines. Schedules slippage and poor quality Objetive project management based on data.